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Since 2001, Choctaw House has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in the Napa Valley. We combine centuries old approaches with cutting edge technology and education.

Our community operates under the modality of the Native Americans, specifically the Choctaw Nation. The Choctaw Nation view their elderly population as the most valuable of the tribe. They empower and validate their elders out of respect for what they have done for the tribe and the wisdom that they deliver on a daily basis. At Choctaw House, we employ all of these beliefs while ensuring the dignity, safety and happiness of our entire elder population.

It is our goal to avoid the unnecessary trauma of continual relocation of our elders by offering services that cater to the entire aging process. We pride ourselves on providing the best care possible for those who become afflicted with memory impairments. In addition, we, at Choctaw House, also find it an honor to offer Hospice care to those who have chosen to pass on to the next adventure while under our care.
Within a field that has been dominated by the hospitality industry, Choctaw House stands out as one of the few who remain “Care-Centered”. We don’t have a spiral staircase, nor a grand piano in the salon and there is no concierge. We are not “home-like” we are home and if care is your highest priority, we are the solution.

Our Culture

The Choctaw House CultureAt Choctaw House we view the care of our elderly population as a tribal or “team” effort. Most care homes focus all of the attention on the client, leaving out the key players in the process. At Choctaw House, we approach care utilizing systems theory. We create partnerships with our staff and the family of our clients, recognizing that they are just as important as our elders. Because we are professional educators, we offer accurate information regarding the dynamic processes of aging, to our staff and our elder’s family. More importantly, we offer empowerment to our staff and solace, comfort and validation to our family members.

Having been a family member of more than one elder in long term care, we recognize the needs and emotional/psychological chaos that accompany the trauma of allowing someone outside of the family to care for a loved one. It is our goal to alleviate these feelings of stress and anxiety by validating their decision to place their loved one with us. We do this through actions, rather than words alone.

Our Philosophy