The Team

Choctaw House is owned and operated by a husband & wife team who has extensive experience and education.



David Hahklotubbe is a Gerontologist who specializes in managing those afflicted with cognitive impairment. Unlike most providers, David employs socialized behavior modification en lieu of use of heavy psychotropic medications. David is a consultant vendorized by the state of California’s Department of Social Services to teach owners and administrators of long term care facilities how to operate their businesses in compliance of strict regulatory standards. David taught at San Francisco State University’s Masters in Gerontology Program for 7 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Health Science and a Master of Arts in Gerontology, Long Term Care Administration.


Co-Founder, Licensee


Juliet Hahklotubbe is a Behaviorist who has worked extensively with individuals requiring behavior modification. Juliet has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development, specializing in Family Development and her Masters Degree in Counseling. Juliet understands the complex and often painful traumas surrounding placement into long term care settings, assisting families in crisis. After having worked as an intern at HBTB, for 2 years, Juliet is now a licensed Marriage and family Therapist working in private practice to help families with challenges related to loss, end of life issues, and psychoeducation around placement of loved ones and the needs of the aging population.




Judy Marceau is a certified RCFE administrator and has worked for Choctaw House since 2003. Judy has an impressive background in behavior modification beginning with working with developmentally challenged youth. Judy’s passion is unmistakable. Her energy is what most people comment on when they witness her in action. She is the heartbeat of our Redwood Community.

Christina Ramirez is a certified RCFE administrator who has worked for Choctaw House since 2007. Christina comes from a long line of care partners having witnessed both of her parents working in long term care communities for the elderly when she was a child. Christina has mastered the art of behavioral modification and purposeful redirects. Christina is the peacekeeper at our Vine Hill Community.

-3The team at Choctaw House are comprised of an eclectic array of individuals from a variety of ethnicities, providing a global perspective on how to care for our elders. In addition to speaking their native tongue, each care partner speaks clear and fluent English, which is essential when managing those with cognitive impairments. Each are highly trained, caring, professionals who are willing and able to employ independent thought through Choctaw House’s unique empowerment style of management. Because of our staffing ratios, the elders are able to tailor activities specifically to each resident and spend time 1:1, fostering long-term, meaningful relationships. The team has longevity unheard of in our field, most with over 7 years of service and counting. Our team, truly make Choctaw House the magical place that it is.

It is our common goal to provide quality one on one care in an intimate setting under the Gerontological modality, guided by the Native American philosophy of honoring the elder.