RCFE Lic #286804013

The Comforts of Home

The Team

Gramma’s House is owned and operated by Juliet Hahklotubbe. This Is Juliet’s next venture in the world of quality care for our elders.

Juliet Hahklotubbe is a Behaviorist who has worked extensively with individuals requiring behavior modification due to cognitive decline or dementia. Juliet has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development, specializing in Family Development, and her Master’s Degree in Counseling. Juliet understands the complex and often painful traumas surrounding placement into long-term care settings, assisting families in crisis. After having worked as an intern at HBTB, for 2 years, Juliet is now a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in private practice to help families with challenges related to loss, end-of-life issues, and psychoeducation around the placement of loved ones and the needs of the aging population.

As co-owner and licensee of Choctaw House and Choctaw House North since 2001, it has been her goal and mission to provide quality, loving care for over 2 decades.  Juliet went back to school in 2014 to get her Masters in Counseling Psychology, to learn all she could about how to best support and educate elders and their families on aging, dementia, and end of life struggles.  After earning her degree, she had a two-year internship at Hospice By The Bay as a bereavement counselor.  Now she is in private practice as a grief therapist and provides guidance and support to the families in her care home in the form of private as well as group support.  Her mission was to learn all she could to aid the elders in her care home in the most optimal psychological, gerontological, and psychosocial aspects of aging.  Medical professionals come in-house to provide medical care, hospice care, physical therapy, and the like.  What Juliet felt was missing was the psychological wellbeing and focus in a typical care home.  The safety, love, and nurturing provided here at Gramma’s House grew from observing the fear and loneliness that often accompanies the elder at the end of life.  With formal education and over 20 years of experience, Juliet is dedicated to the most optimal end-of-life experience for her residents.

Judy Marceau has been one of the administrators working with Juliet for over 18 years.  As a licensed administrator Judy brings knowledge as well as hands-on know-how from her many years of work with our aging population.  She is seen as the laughter and joy in the house when often those things are hard to find.  She has an infectious humor and can bring levity and light to almost any situation. Her behavior intervention skills with our more confused residents are bar-none. She is a gift to our environment.

Christina Ramirez is also an administrator who has worked with Juliet for over 11 years. She brings experience to the house from many years of working with our beloved elders.  Her playful nature with the people she cares for allows her to manage care needs with no trouble.  They know they can trust her and she will keep them safe and loved.  She is a gift to our environment.

Cynthia Mendez has worked with Juliet for over 10 years and is currently a nursing student.  She brings all the latest medical know how on aging.  She is a loving care giver and will be an amazing nurse.  While she has the medical experience and knowledge, she also takes the time to sit and paint nails or engage in stories from the past that an elder shares.  She is a gift to our team.

Additionally, we have the loving care of Gabby, part of our care team for 3 years, and Luisita, part of our care team for 2 years.  We are very proud of all of our care providers and particularly proud of the years they have remained with us, as this is the most difficult work there is………although the most rewarding as well.  We believe consistency with caregivers is key to the quality of life of our residents because the rapport they build, and the trust they feel with our staff is extremely important.

The team at Gramma’s House is comprised of an eclectic array of individuals from a variety of ethnicities, providing a global perspective on how to care for our elders. Each are highly trained, caring, professionals who are willing and able to employ independent thought through Gramma’s House’s unique empowerment style of management. Because of our staffing ratios, the elders are able to tailor activities specifically to each resident and spend time 1:1, fostering long-term, meaningful relationships. The team has longevity unheard of in our field, most with over 20 years of service and counting. Our team, truly makes Gramma’s House the magical place that it is. It is our common goal to provide quality one-on-one care in an intimate setting.