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The Comforts of Home

Our Mission to Assisted Living


You’ve been traveling for quite some time now. You’re exhausted from the journey. You look out the window of your family’s beat-up station wagon and a chill travels down your spine as you set your gaze on the snowy, desolate, world that surrounds you. No longer is the journey exciting or entertaining, and at this stage, all you crave is a warm blanket, a nourishing meal, and a safe place to wait out the storm. Then you see it. A warm glow peeking through the trees- Gramma’s House.
As you step inside, you are overwhelmed by the scent of fresh-baked goodies, a large roaring fire, and the recognizable embrace of Gramma’s arms as she hugs you close to her. You are safe. You are loved. You are home.
For those of us fortunate enough to have grown up knowing the unmatched comfort of a grandparent’s welcoming abode, it can be universally recognized as a haven of rest, safety, nourishment, tenderness, serenity, and bonding.
The philosophy behind Gramma’s House is to provide that same sense of comfort and belonging for our residents, in a peaceful, home-like atmosphere. And, as in every home, you can expect family-which is our goal, to cultivate a familiar, intimate symbiosis between both the residents and their dedicated care team. Successful aging is our priority, and we are committed to being that haven of comfort that your loved one deserves.
As this drive through the cold wintery scene is a metaphor for the aging process, let us be the warm fire at the end of the journey, here at Gramma’s House.

*Complimentary geriatric assessments are done by me, Juliet Hahklotubbe MA. LMFT (707)815-3368*

Our Culture

At Gramma’s House, we view the care of our elderly population as a “team” effort. Most care homes focus all of the attention on the client, leaving out the key players in the process. At Gramma’s House, we approach to care utilizes systems theory. We create partnerships with our staff and the family of our clients, recognizing that they are just as important as our elders. Gramma’s House Assisted Living offers accurate information regarding the dynamic processes of aging, to our staff and our elder’s family. More importantly, we offer empowerment to our staff and solace, comfort, and validation to our family members.

Having been a family member of more than one elder in long-term care, we recognize the needs and emotional/psychological chaos that accompany the trauma of allowing someone outside of the family to care for a loved one. It is our goal to alleviate these feelings of stress and anxiety by validating their decision to place their loved one with us. We do this through actions, rather than words alone.